Because no two schools are alike, Edible Schoolyard NYC offers a variety of program models which range in depth and scope.

Edible Schoolyard NYC believes

that all New York City students deserve access to an edible education — hands-on gardening and cooking classes as well as family and community engagement activities – that connect students to food, their communities and inspire them to create change in the world around them. We do this by partnering with NYC public schools to lead classes with their students and school community; supporting educators to implement food education in their classrooms; and advocating for long-term, sustainable changes for a better future for New York City.

Direct Service Schools:

We provide direct service at these school sites through two different program models:

  1. Demonstration Schools: Our inaugural model where students receive an average of 18.3 hours of edible education per year from three full-time staffers.
  2. Network Schools: A scalable model where students receive an average of six hours of edible education per year from an Edible Schoolyard NYC representative (FoodCorps service member) who co-teaches with the school’s educators.

This program reaches 4,000 students across seven school sites in East Harlem, Central Brooklyn, and South Bronx.

Professional Development:

In order to share our curriculum and know-how with schools citywide, ESYNYC offers a variety of teacher training workshops and customized school training throughout the year.

This program reaches 525 educators and administrators who in turn reach 394,350 studentsTo find out more about our impact click here.

The goal of all of our programs is to change the preferences, attitudes, and eating behaviors of young New Yorkers in favor of healthier foods. We do this through hands-on, experiential classes that are integrated into the daily school curriculum. In our gardens and kitchens, in homerooms and cafeterias, we’re working to ensure that all children have access to the joyful, transformative power of enjoying fresh and healthy food.

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Children thrive when you give them what they need to grow.