Edible at Home

Dirt Made My Lunch

Follow the lyrics to sing along!


Dirt made my lunch.

Dirt made my lunch.

Thank you dirt, thanks a bunch

For my salad, my sandwich, my milk, and my munch

Because dirt made my lunch!


Dirt is a word we often use

When we’re talking about the earth beneath our shoes.

It’s a place where plants can sink their toes, 

And in a little while a garden grows!

How Did Dirt Make Your Lunch?

First, pick a food. For example, strawberry yogurt.

Now think about all of the steps it takes to get to your plate…

Where does yogurt come from? Milk.

Where does milk come from? Cows.

What do cows eat? Where do they get their energy? Grass.

Where does grass grow? The DIRT!

Draw a picture of all of the steps from dirt to your plate:

Don’t forget to show us a picture of what you made!