Edible at Home

Go, Grow, Glow!

We can sort foods into three main groups based on how they help our body:

Go – Give us energy

Grow – Helps build our muscles

Glow – Protects us from illness and keeps our hair, skin, and nails healthy

Image courtesy of FoodCorps

Go Foods:

  • Are grains or starchy foods like bread, rice, pasta, or oats
  • Are high in carbohydrates
  • Give our body energy to do things like run and play

 Grow Foods: 

  • Are beans, nuts, meat, fish, eggs, and dairy
  • Are high in protein
  • Help us grow and stay strong

Glow Foods: 

  • Are fruits and vegetables 
  • Have lots of vitamins
  • Help our skin, teeth, and hair look nice
  • Help our brain think
  • Help our body feel good and protect us from sickness

Try to build your meals and snacks to include 1 Go Food + 1 Grow Food + Unlimited Glow Foods


Toast (go food) + Eggs (grow food) + Spinach (glow food)

oatmeal (go food) + nuts (grow food) + berries (glow food)


stir fried tofu (grow food) + broccoli (glow food) + rice (go food)

Snack time!

toast (go food) + apples (glow food) + peanut butter (grow food)

crackers (go food) + hummus (grow food) + cucumber (glow food)


curry chicken (grow food) + rice (go food) + peas (glow food)

Give it a try! Can you think of a meal or snack that includes all three types of foods?