Edible at Home

Let’s Make Applesauce!

Have you ever wanted to make your own applesauce? In this lesson you’ll find out how while learning about diversity.


diversity of apples makes the world a tastier place! What does the word diverse mean?

Diverse means having many different qualities and characteristics. For example, some apples taste sweet and others are tart, so using a diversity of apples when making applesauce means that each apple will add something special to the applesauce flavor.


Now think about your school. How does the diverse group of people at your school help make it a special community?

Using the chart below, write down one positive thing each member of your school community does to help the school.


Great job! It’s time to make applesauce. Watch the video below to learn how.


Now it’s your turn! Use the recipe below to make applesauce with your family.