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Not A Plant, Not An Animal

Let’s play a guessing game! We are thinking of a living thing. It’s not a plant. It’s not an animal. But it does grow outside. And sometimes, you can eat it!

Do you know what it is?

It’s a mushroom! Mushrooms are not plants or animals. They’re something else entirely!


All About Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a kind of living thing called a fungus.

The mushroom is only part of the fungi’s body. Some of its body is underground!


Watch this video to learn about the different parts of the mushroom and how it grows.


Mushrooms don’t make food from the sun, like plants do.

Mushrooms are decomposers. They break down dead things like leaves and plants. That’s why sometimes you see mushrooms growing on dead trees or logs!


Mushrooms come in different shapes and sizes.


Some mushrooms can be delicious food for people!

This pizza has mushrooms on it. Do you like to eat mushrooms? How do you eat them?


Watch this video about Te’lario Watkins. He is a young farmer who grows his own mushrooms and has his own business.


Thanks for learning about mushrooms with us!